What is included in a WRENCH tune up?

Many bike shops have a confusing menu of tune-ups. Does your bike need the Silver, Basic, Major, or Diamond package? We don't know either. Sometimes the tune up you request doesn't include all the work your bike actually needs, resulting in incomplete repairs or disappointing surcharges.

At WRENCH, we've opted to advertise one very thorough tune up that covers shop time to make most bikes feel as good as possible. Bikes typically benefit from a tune up after prolonged storage, shipping, a year of casual use, or six months of heavy use (Racing, high mileage riding, or rigorous PNW commuting).

Our TUNE UP includes:

Cleaning seatpost and seat tube

Thoroughly polishing the frame, wheels, and components of your bike

Adjusting the wheel hub bearings

Adjusting the headset

Truing and tensioning wheels (lateral, and dish)

Re-surfacing or replacing brake pads as needed

Replacing common wear parts as needed (no labor surcharge for chains, cassettes, cables, housing, bar tape, derailleurs, pulley wheels, chainrings, tires, tubes, etc)

Installing most accessories without additional charges

Adjust the brakes and shifting to the properly adjusted and installed wheels

Lubricate derailleur pivots, cables, chain, etc throughout bicycle

Check torque and integrity of all bolts and fasteners

Inflate tires to recommended pressure

We finish every tune up with a test ride to guarantee the integrity of our work.

Tune up and drivetrain clean

If your bike needs to be immaculate for that upcoming event, has a lot of worn out major parts, or is very grimy from Seattle commuting, we will recommend a tune up along with a drivetrain clean. This service is simply an extension of our tune up including the following:

Removal, deep cleaning, and reinstallation of the entire drivetrain. We thoroughly clean applicable parts in our parts washer.

Complete service of bottom bracket

We pull the fork off of the frame and clean the headset

If applicable to your bike, a tune and clean generally covers additional work like brake bleeds, Di2 firmware updates, etc.