WRENCH is a Seattle-based bicycle shop focused on repair.


If your bike isn't feeling its best, bring it to WRENCH. Buck Hazard will fix it with 15+ years of expertise under his belt. Experience matters.

Feel free to schedule an appointment so there is little down time with you and your bike...with the right planning bike repairs can be completed within 24 hours.

Email is best, Buck will respond right away.


WRENCH is open Monday through Friday | 10am - 6:30pm. We are CLOSED on weekends to ride with friends , see you on the trails!


WRENCH. 719 Dexter Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109.




TUNE UP $85 a thorough adjustment of the entire bike...brakes + derailleurs lubricated and adjusted, hubs + headset + bb adjusted, wheels trued, tires inflated, chain lubricated, frame cleaned + polished.

TUNE UP + CLEAN $140 bikes get dirty and don't work as well...so we clean them. We remove the chain + cassette + cranks + derailleurs and wash everything in our parts washer. Re-assemble and then TUNE UP your bike. It'll ride like new!

BIKE BUILD $210+ do you have a custom bike build in mind, WRENCH can make it happen.  Contact BUCK if you need suggestions for your dream bike.


install innertube $10

brake or shift adjustments $10

install cable + housing $15

install bartape $15

install brake pads $15

install tubeless tire $15

wheel true $15

replace broken spoke $20

install chain $20

clean + bleed disc brake $30

install bottom bracket $40

install headset $40

shimano di2 diagnostics + repair $40+

install tubular tire $60

wheel build $60+

box bike for shipping $60 [includes box + packing materials]

campagnolo shifter rebuild $60

height adjustable seatpost service $60+

suspension shock service $60+

suspension bearing service $60+

suspension fork service $70+

+ labor is based on $60 per hour, parts + materials are not included +